Don’t Lose Your New Job

15% of final job applicants don't actually get an offer due to their online postings, according to LinkedIn’s General Council, Erika Rottenberg.  She revealed this information at a lunch time talk at Santa Clara University on the 29th January 2009.  At the same time she gave some great examples of good and bad personal reputation [brand] management.  The good. Henk van Ess, the "Accidental Entrepreneur," who is...

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talking about the Semantic Internet

London 9:38 29th Jan 2009 Transcript - talking about the Semantic Internet. Louis: It was originally a concept thought of by Tim Berners-Lee. Do you know who Tim Berners-Lee is? Tommy: No. Louis: Tim Berners-Lee was the founding father of the internet. He is also the head of W3C. He kind of is credited with inventing it [the internet]. Tommy: Okay. Louis: In 1999 he...

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Child Tax Credits

This is a little off subject for me but I think it's important. Apparently (and I'm not a tax expert) if you fill in the form I've posted below you can get tax credits (ie a reduction in tax) to help you with the expense of having children. They're household income related but apparently for the 01/02 tax year I'm told will be paid regardless of household...

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A new way to post

As I read more and more of other people's blogs there is more stuff I want to say. As it takes me ages to put my thoughts down so I'm going to change the way I blog. I'm going to record my posts from conversations I have with colleagues, clients and sometimes even just my thoughts.   I'm then going to convert them to text, review once and...

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