A framework for kids, parents and educators

In an age where young people are connecting with their friends online every day, access to the internet and online communications services is no longer a privilege for the few that can afford it; it is now part of every young person’s daily life. As CEO of a digital agency, and a parent myself, I’ve always been vocal about the need...

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Facebook for Celebrity Kids

Last night over dinner I was asked by a prominent friend of mine if he should let his kids go on Facebook. At first, this may not appear to be such a dilemma, but when he told me why he was concerned, it was easy to understand his reasons for being so cautious. It's an interesting dilemma. Children should be...

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Thoughts on the UK DMA’s 2009 Client Email survey.

Each email an organisation sends to its' customers forms part of that brand's reputation; not just those thought of as email marketing. What does the customer think about the email confirming a purchase? How about the emails answering questions post purchase? Do organisations even think of these as part of their brand building? Organisations know their email marketing is operationally important,...

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Naked gun cop shows why employers like The Met need to do more to educate staff on the impact of their online behaviour

What an employee posts online, even in a personal guise, can have direct implications for their employer. This is a problem that we’ve seen before, from naked policeman in public sector organisations like The Met to offensive retail staff in Currys and PC World, and it’s a problem we can expect to see time and time again unless businesses start taking a proactive approach to...

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Wiki-bullying may put you behind bars

Have a beef with someone? Why it's time to wise up on Wikipedia Wiki-bullying is at the top of the news agenda following the revelation that the Tower of London has suspended two beefeaters as part of a harassment investigation of its first female Yeoman Moira Cameron, with resulting implications for the legal system that will directly affect cases brought to court. Wiki-bullying could result in criminal...

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