Labour landslide in the celebrity con-twit-uency

With the final live debate days away, Labour is leading the race when it comes to celebrity endorsements on Twitter. With a combined reach of 1,760,608 users, Labour has harnessed by far the most celebrity endorsement influence on Twitter. With only 27m voting in 2005, this influence is likely to give the party a significant boost when the country goes to the polls on 6...

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Circular Halo in St Lucia

At lunch time today at The Body Holiday (the amazing St Lucia Spa Fitness & Wellness Vacation / Holiday destination) Andrew, Craig and I witnessed a High Sun Parhelic circle alternatively known as a Circular Halo According to wikipedia it is formed by the refraction of sunlight through cloud suspended ice crystals rather than raindrops. I had my doubts about the ice crystals as the...

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