Some Internet Trends

I've been asked by a much loved client to write some notes on Internet Trends that I think are important at the moment..   So here are my thoughts Ubiquitous Internet The web will be accessible anywhere all the time. WiFi, WiMax, 3G & 4G will all take their part to allow us to use the internet everywhere all the time. Mobile Smartphone usage will continue...

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iphone fun stats

I've been researching statistics about the iPhone for a presentation I'm doing tomorrow and thought I'd share the following: - average total number of unit sales for apps is 101,024 copies - 1m UK iPhone Units passed on 27 Feb 2009 - 7% of users have only free apps - 38% of iphone app purchases are in the entertainment category If anybody has any similar statistics please share with me...

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Volcanic Hotel PPC

How do you keep a cool head in the face of an erupting volcano threatening to blow away a client's bookings? Around the time of the first Icelandic volcano's eruption, I was stranded at the St Lucia hotel of one of our clients. They were concerned that through no fault of their own, they could potentially take a massive revenue hit from decreased...

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