New Features on Twitter

The new features on are great news for online marketers and will ultimately provide Twitter with a far more efficient way of making money than its previous “promoted tweets” ads. All of the new features are designed to increase users’ engagement with the content other users post – whether it be video from YouTube or ...

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Hotel & Restaurant Review Websites Advice

Websites like TripAdviser can make or break a customer’s decision to book with a certain hotel or eat at a certain restaurant. Hoteliers and restaurateurs often ask me what they can do about negative reviews. I was asked earlier in the week to comment on a Daily Mail article that reported on a Company organising a group defamation...

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ECB twitter ban would be no ball

The ECB should be careful not to be too hasty in disciplining or banning its players from Twitter. Although a ban would prevent leaking sensitive information and reduce the risk to its reputation from ill-considered player tweets, it could risk alienating an already distanced fan base. Particularly in the case of cricket, where international games are no longer covered by terrestrial television, fans have never been...

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