Domains = Real Estate?

Domain names are one of the most important parts of the Internet. They have value in the same way as property does in the real estate industry. Unlike the real estate industry it is less obvious why a particular domain has a value, however, the principles of “Location Location Location” remain broadly the same. In this case, one can liken the inherent value...

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Domain Valuation

Leaving domains with no content or no website inroads the potential value of your investment in their purchase. This is especially true when you've held the domain unutilized for a number of years in the hope at some point you'll get to capitalise on your ongoing investment in renewals. You will benefit from this investment in the following circumstances: unlikely = somebody comes makes you...

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Can the Dragon change my life?

Yesterday, hopefully I purchased an amazing tool that is going to change my life. It was thanks to an unknown blog post. I noticed the blogger had remarked that he was using Dragon Dictate and to take his notes on the go. He or she commented that it meant that he was now remembering all his good ideas, rather than forgetting most of them. That led...

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