Protecting our children from Paedophiles

There’s an article in the Sunday Times today entitled “The Tap Tap of Child Abuse” ( It alleges that 50,000 people look at abusive images of children every day. As a Father of three this is deeply concerning. We’re all aware of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB); now called Disclosure and Barring Service (DRB) checks; required for working with children. Given the frightening scale of the...

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Consolidation by the Internet Big Boys

Why did Facebook buy Instagram for $715m ( when Facebook already had the photo sharing functionality?  Why did Google purchase Waze (the social mapping app) for $966m ( when Google had already had a mapping product?  Both are well established parts of their respective companies product sets. The answer is as the Internet matures into an everyday tool for every body to use, specialist niche tools...

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