Gain Power & Influence by Emerging as a leader

In today's fast moving, email-centric, social media powered world, leaders now emerge. The old paradigm of power by appointment is diminishing. The result is today’s organisations are flatter than they have ever been. In this environment power is derived from one’s ability to influence, rather than position in the hierarchy.  Through influence you can realise your potential. That makes the ability to control the conversation equally as important for the...

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Listen rather than talk to achieve more

In 1991 an airline pilot misinterpreted instructions to detour around an active runway while taxiing at LAX. All of the crew and passengers were killed. The error led to a two-plane runway crash. Thankfully most instances of not listening do not have such a catastrophic outcome. When you know how to listen you can maximise every situation’s potential outcome.  But most people do not know how to listen...

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