Louis is a motivated, knowledgeable, facilitator, consultant and trainer.

Louis has had the privilege to encounter and help to many people.

He finds it immensely satisfying when they then go on to be successful.

Helping others realise their potential  is the aspect of his career from which he derives the most pleasure.

His Backstory

Louis has helped lots of companies to grow including some you will recognise:  Herbalife, Nando’s, De Vere, Aviva and heaps more.

Louis has also worked with TV shows including Supernanny, Mock the Week & Rising Star.

He has:

– written a book called “Personal Reputation Management”

– contributed to to The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Evening Standard, Marketing and New Media Age

– appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4, LBC and Talk Sport

Louis is an experienced Agile practitioner with a preference for Extreme Programming.

He is an accomplished consultant across the following disciplines: Sales; Marketing; Capital Raising; Business Analysis; Information Architecture; online construction, execution and acquisition. His blog Halpern.co is widely read.

Louis is currently working on his second book “The Sex of Sales” which will be published in Q1 2017

Louis Other Passions

Louis’ other passions are: Arsenal Football Club, London, gadgets, the digital world and my amazing children.  You should also know that he hates milk and is worried about the effects of AI Robots on our civilization.

If you care to find out more he would be delighted if you read and comment on his blog. His first post was over ten years ago. You can  follow him on Twitter or Instagram and look me up on LinkedIn.

Why is he doing this?

Louis recognized that he needed a change in my life.

He asked the ten “work colleagues” closest to him what he was good at.  They all said the same thing. ‘You’re amazing at helping people to reach their potential’.

A word of warning

Louis is not a life coach. He will not help you achieve a better work-life balance.

You are going to want to work harder after spending some time with Louis. You will be more effective and enjoy your work. Now that is where it starts getting interesting and the happiness equation will kick in.

Now you’re on the way to realising your potential.

Realise Your Potential With Louis Halpern

Louis photographed in Budapest in early 20016

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