The best business plans start here

The primary purpose of a business plan is to articulate how to create a profitable, sustainable business; for either sale or long term sustainable income. It is a genuinely considered plan for the business that should be updated at regular intervals.

The sections are:

What // Proposition
* What is unique about the business?
* What problem does the business solve?
* What will the business do to solve the problem?

How // The Products or Services
* How do they work?
* How are are they different from the competition?
* How are they going to develop in the future?

Who // The Market Size
* Who needs the initial products or services?
* Who needs the planned products or services?
* Consider geographical and product line factors.

When // Timescales
* When is the planned role out of the first product?
* Explanation of the necessary steps required for the first role out.
* Chronological summary of the planned activities for the next three years.
* When will future products be available? (top line)

Who // Management Team
* Who are the people involved in the business?
* What is the role of each person?
* What experience does each person bring to the table?
* Who will you need to employ to meet the dates in the timescales?

* 3 years projected low, medium and high forecasts of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow on a quarterly basis.
* 1st-year detailed monthly cash flow forecast.

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