Evaluating Integrated Communications

The evaluation of integrated campaigns is a topic rarely looked at by the mainstream marketing press. Flick through the pages of Campaign, Marketing, Marketing Week or niche publications like New Media Age and barely a nod is cast in the direction of campaign evaluation. Why? It’s simply assumed and taken for granted that campaign evaluation ‘works’. After all, each marketing channel has...

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Media owners of the future

Whilst the fragmentation of traditional media was already an unstoppable process a decade ago, there is no doubt that the digital revolution has added its own mix of rocket fuel which is becoming more potent with every technological advance. We’ve become a fractile society of individuals in a way that, as Lord Rees Mogg asserts in “The Sovereign Individual”, could eventually even undermine the power...

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Mobile firms missing a trick

Sara Kimberley’s upbeat analysis of digital media in Precision Marketing (29 July 2005) is a glowing evaluation of the sector’s current status. The direct marketing industry is now justifiably reaping the rewards of having stuck by a medium that in 2001 was the marketing equivalent of leprosy. Indeed, Zenith Optimedia substantiates the quoted IPA Bellweather report by estimating that whilst TV will grow...

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Digital consumer data is the new battleground

James Curtis’ piece on ‘the future of media’ (Campaign, 17th March 2005) makes for compelling reading but falls down because it barely acknowledges the power of individual data. With one billion people worldwide currently having access to computers and with more than 800 million new mobile handsets being issued this year alone, only those media owners holding the most valuable and precise individual data will...

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