Blue Sky Thinking

During the summer of 2006 every person in Malmaison’s database received an email. It was a simple, uncluttered message dominated by an eye-catching image. At first glance, the sight of beautiful dandelion seeds drifting sedately into a deep blue sky no doubt soothed a few minds and brightened the day for many. Then something happened. The ‘delete’ button didn’t get pressed. Instead, heads leaned closer to monitors, eyes widened and eyebrows were raised

Those weren’t ordinary dandelion seeds. They were transforming. They were subtly turning into something else: the Malmaison logo.

Bold design, an unusual visual element and Malmaison’s strong brand identity were combined to deliver exactly the kind of twist their target audience has come to expect from this innovative company. Consistency in values is always vital but, alone, they aren’t enough to ensure customer loyalty. You’ve got to give them something to shout about too… and Malmaison had a great offer.

A sexy, well-crafted vehicle for a highly desirable product can’t fail to achieve the desired results. This is what the advertiser looks for; maximum impact: something that conveys a brilliant opportunity to the right people in a stimulating manner.

Respecting the target market; communicating with them but not bombarding them, so that they actually look forward to receiving something from you; ensuring that what they get is always worth looking at, these are the measure of a superb brand and a successful promotion. As are, of course, results.

The Malmaison email worked. People clicked on the image and arrived at a microsite. It continued the theme, expanded the message, tempted them with the irresistible… and they responded to the offer in droves. Sales in August were fantastic. Job done. Potential realised with aplomb. We like that.

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