Can the Dragon change my life?

Yesterday, hopefully I purchased an amazing tool that is going to change my life.

It was thanks to an unknown blog post. I noticed the blogger had remarked that he was using Dragon Dictate and to take his notes on the go. He or she commented that it meant that he was now remembering all his good ideas, rather than forgetting most of them.

That led me to browsing and reading reviews of Dragon Dictate. The consensus was that the tool had improved massively over the last two years. So I gave it a go. I dug into my pocket found the credit card & laid out the money for the application.

Last night when using the tool my productivity accelerated into a place where it had never been. Being quite dyslexic it can take me 15 min to write and be confident to send a two line e-mail. Now imagine how long it takes me to write my blog posts.

We’ll see if the Dragon manages to change my life because I’m sure the amount of blog posts I write will go up massively if it works.

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