Protecting our children from Paedophiles

There’s an article in the Sunday Times today entitled “The Tap Tap of Child Abuse” ( It alleges that 50,000 people look at abusive images of children every day. As a Father of three this is deeply concerning. We’re all aware of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB); now called Disclosure and Barring Service (DRB) checks; required for working with children. Given the frightening scale of the...

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Labour landslide in the celebrity con-twit-uency

With the final live debate days away, Labour is leading the race when it comes to celebrity endorsements on Twitter. With a combined reach of 1,760,608 users, Labour has harnessed by far the most celebrity endorsement influence on Twitter. With only 27m voting in 2005, this influence is likely to give the party a significant boost when the country goes to the polls on 6...

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A framework for kids, parents and educators

In an age where young people are connecting with their friends online every day, access to the internet and online communications services is no longer a privilege for the few that can afford it; it is now part of every young person’s daily life. As CEO of a digital agency, and a parent myself, I’ve always been vocal about the need...

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Child Tax Credits

This is a little off subject for me but I think it's important. Apparently (and I'm not a tax expert) if you fill in the form I've posted below you can get tax credits (ie a reduction in tax) to help you with the expense of having children. They're household income related but apparently for the 01/02 tax year I'm told will be paid regardless of household...

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