Ex Machina

Saw Alex Garland's Ex Machina. A fascinating study of ego, intelligence, AI and slavery. You get to ask yourself who is most manipulative and who is the abuser? Along the way there's a few nice digs at tech billionaires who become reclusive if you get the references. Good timely film.. We should be aware of our demons and manage our creations....

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Lipstick Melodies of Pete Doherty

I was invited to the Shepherd's Bush Empire last night by a good friend to see The Lipstick Melodies. They happened to be supporting Pete Doherty.  Pete eventually turned up just after 10pm, more than fashionably late.    It was lucky that he actually made it. He had the most awful compere  between the acts.  The compere can best be described as a fat bloke from Glasgow...

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Circular Halo in St Lucia

At lunch time today at The Body Holiday (the amazing St Lucia Spa Fitness & Wellness Vacation / Holiday destination) Andrew, Craig and I witnessed a High Sun Parhelic circle alternatively known as a Circular Halo According to wikipedia it is formed by the refraction of sunlight through cloud suspended ice crystals rather than raindrops. I had my doubts about the ice crystals as the...

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