The best business plans start here

The primary purpose of a business plan is to articulate how to create a profitable, sustainable business; for either sale or long term sustainable income. It is a genuinely considered plan for the business that should be updated at regular intervals. The sections are: What // Proposition * What is unique about the business? * What problem does the business solve? * What will the business do to...

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Business Public Speaking Agony Uncle

Develop Your Public Speaking Skills When I started  public speaking I read and received lots of useless advice.  Most of it reduced my confidence. Advice: Get a good night's sleep. Louis: How on earth do I get a good night’s sleep when I’m nervous? Advice: Take a sleeping pill to get good nights sleep. Louis: I am not a junkie. How do I perform well when I feel like a...

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What is a Semantic Phone? Why does it mean I need a mentor?

The machines are getting Superpowers. You need yours. Computers are still creatures blindly emerging from the primaeval goo. Alive but not able to hold down a proper conversation. Able to consume power but only travel in the direction you have pointed them. Let's take search engines as an example. Search engines index the web's content. They display pages from their index. They can even read the results...

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Recruitment consultant’s dirty little secret

Do you want to learn how to maximise your impact with recruiters quickly? Do you want to use recruiters rather than be used? Do you want to maximise your chances of a successful interview with the recruiter and then the prospective employer? Listen to David and then make contact....

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The Power Pose

An Instant Confidence  Boost Body language has a dramatic effect on how others see us. It also has an effect on how we see ourselves. By positioning yourself in a confident position we trigger testosterone and cortisol release. Then we feel more confident! I’ve persuaded countless mentoring clients to try this technique. Every time they have some back and said something along the lines of “you know...

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