The Digital Marketing Director (DMD) was at the end of his wits and wanted to resign.

The DMD had been in his role for nine months at a globally recognised brand. The reason the DMD took the role was for the global experience. To move to the next role the DMD needed a two-year stint on his CV.

The DMD was reporting to the Marketing Director. She used the DMD’s ideas to increase her budget. The Marketing Director would then take control of the projects and impede the implementation. The DMD was then blamed if the ideas failed.


To ensure the DMD was invited to the Director’s board meetings. Historically, something that had been a closed-door.


I identified the key was to make the Marketing Director look good to the board and simultaneously necessitate the DMD’s attendance at board meetings.
We created a three-year digital strategy to demonstrably increase sales. When proven in this territory it could be rolled out globally. There would also be massive cost savings for the company. The need to monitor performance was a central piece of the strategy. Importantly for the DMD, there was a requirement to regularly demonstrate the project’s performance to the business.

The continuous need to analyse performance data was to be the key to unlocking the door for the DMD.  The ability to show his success would be a bonus.

The Marketing Director was a visual person who used good sales techniques to reinforce her points.  She successfully sold the DMD’s strategy to the board and received significant praise for her “forward thinking”. However, detail was her weakness.

The Marketing Director started preparing for the next monthly board meeting. She quickly realised the statistics would be interrogated and there was a significant risk she would not have the detailed knowledge required. Self-preservation meant she invited the DMD.

I had already trained the DMD to:
– give short precise answers and
– utilise questions to demonstrate his ownership of the strategy.


The board valued the DMD’s input and asked him to attend all future board meetings.

The glass ceiling was broken.

Relevant Activation – Controlling the Conversation

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