Don’t Lose Your New Job

15% of final job applicants don’t actually get an offer due to their online postings, according to LinkedIn’s General Council, Erika Rottenberg.

 She revealed this information at a lunch time talk at Santa Clara University on the 29th January 2009.  At the same time she gave some great examples of good and bad personal reputation [brand] management.

 The good. Henk van Ess, the “Accidental Entrepreneur,” who is now a successful web retailer after discovering a better iPhone battery from China.  He used LinkedIn for his marketing.

 The bad. Joshua Lipton (AP story). Josh was waiting sentencing in a drunk driving incident in which he caused serious harm to his victim. Whilst waiting he went to a Halloween party in a “jailbird” costume wearing jailhouse attire, and photos from the party were posted to his Facebook page. The prosecutor submitted the photos to the judge and he went to jail for longer.

 As you all know I’ve been writing a book on his subject and thanks Erika for these facts and Rich West for spotting them for me.

 << And in case you have Google Alerts on your name Erika or somebody forwards this link to you …  Please have a look at our new Halpern Personal reputation management service. To validate that were GC at LinkedIn I found that it was really difficult to find on you Google which I think it a bit more used than LinkedIn.  As a subject expert we’ll give you a discount ;¬) >>

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