The Partnership

David Halpern, Howard Amor and Louis Halpern work together as an independent corporate finance team (‘The Team’) on various start-up projects. Their methodology is to:

  1. identify business opportunities and/or entrepreneurs;
  2. research these opportunities and create professional operational financial business plans;
  3. recruit a management team and the required professionals;
  4. secure the required finance;
  5. execute; and
  6. take the projects to exit via an IPO, or a trade sale, or long-term retention by the original shareholders.

大卫 哈尔彭、霍华德 阿莫尔及路易斯 哈尔彭三人作为一个独立的公司财务团队(“团队”),一直致力投资于各种初创项目。他们的方法是:

  1. 识别商业机会和/或企业家;
  2. 研究这些机会并创建专业的运营金融业务计划;
  3. 招聘管理团队和专业人员;
  4. 确保所需的资金;
  5. 执行;和
  6. 通过IPO,或交易出售,或原始股东的长期保留,使其项目顺利退出。

The Team have direct access to an extensive list of contacts. This includes including family offices who are seeking to invest directly their own funds or indirectly their clients’ funds in promising start-ups.


Their combined corporate finance, operational, sales and marketing expertise considerably improve the likelihood of successful execution of the projects they undertake.

David Halpern

David is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. For some years, he was a senior partner in none of the largest international firms of chartered accountants and business consultants.

Since January 2003, he has operated his own boutique firm of chartered accountants and business advisors, in Mayfair, Central London, specialising in: international tax planning for high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and international families; corporate finance including sourcing seed capital for start-ups and eventually listing shares in successful start-up companies on a quoted exchange; and advising on the formation, structuring and financing of start-ups and funds generally.

David also holds personal senior positions such as trusteeships, board advisor and directorships including previously as Chairman of a UK publicly listed company, which he subsequently de-listed and successfully sold its various businesses. He was also a non-executive director for nearly five years of the largest private group of agricultural merchants in the UK.

Currently, he is on the Advisory Boards of certain offshore European high profile property funds, a non-executive director trustee of a UK registered art charity and is the senior advisor to and a principal of a Greek Real Estate Fund in the process of being formed and promoted.

大卫 哈尔彭

大卫 哈尔彭是英格兰和威尔士特许会计师协会的会员。多年来,他在各大的特许会计师和商业顾问国际公司担任高级合伙人。



Howard Amor

Howard is an accomplished operations specialist. He contributes a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, ideas, and energy backed by sound practical knowledge from his 40 years’ experience of international business. His expertise includes strategy, brand creation, brand licensing, international distribution, logistics, supply chain management, people management, product design and manufacturing. He is unusual in that he has been exporting goods from China for 40 years.

Howard has taken businesses from concept to realization of the entrepreneurial ambition. He has held a number of board positions including CEO and Managing Director. He has worked in fashion, consumer electronics, watches, toys, games, jewelry and luxury consumer goods.

Howard was the Director of Rotary Watches responsible for it’s quartz timing products and retail operations. Howard was Managing Director of Sabre Time; the Japanese watch producer owned by Hattori Far East; responsible for watch manufacturing and operations. Hartorii creates and produces watches for most globally known watch brands.


霍华德 阿莫尔


霍华德有着将企业从概念到实现企业家的野心。他拥有多个董事会职位,包括首席执行官和总经理。他曾在时尚、消费电子品、手表、玩具、游戏、珠宝和奢侈品消费品等界别中穿梭。霍华德曾是Rotary 手表总监,负责石英定时产品和零售业务,他也曾是Sabre Time的董事总经理。

Louis Halpern

Louis has more than 20 years’ experience in business, marketing and technology.

Louis regularly works at the highest level with blue chip companies including: Herbalife, Nando’s, De Vere, Aviva, UBS, HSBC, Financial Software, Schroders, and United Business Media.   He has also worked in the TV business with shows such as Mock the Week, Supernanny and Rising Star.

Louis is a published author. He has written a book, “Personal Reputation Management”. He is currently working on his second book “The Sex of Sales”. Louis has contributed to The Guardian, The Sunday Times, featured on BBC Radio 4, LBC and BBC1 Breakfast News.

Louis is an experienced Agile practitioner with a preference for Extreme Programming. He is an accomplished consultant across the following disciplines: Sales, Marketing, Capital Raising, Business Analysis, Information Architecture, online construction execution and acquisition. His blog is widely read.

Louis now helps businesses improve their performance. He is an expert in articulating the story of the business and amplifying it so the world hears. Louis also mentors future business leaders and takes on potentially profitable projects he finds interesting.

路易斯 哈尔彭



路易斯亦是出版作家。“个人声誉管理”是他的第一本 著作,他目前正在编写他的第二本书“销售的性别”。路易斯也曾为“卫报“、“星期日时报”、“BBC Radio 4”,”LBC”和”BBC1早晨新闻”等效力。



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