Everyone wants a perfect landing

Alan Anderson famously landed a light aircraft after the pilot died at the controls. Alan had never landed a plane and did not realise he had the potential to land an airplane. Air traffic controller Colin Eaton and pilot instructor Robert Legg provided the keys to Alan’s potential. They talked Alan down over twenty minutes.smalll plane

Alan did not know that he had the potential to land a plane, but I would guess – like most of us – there are many things that he does not realise he can achieve. I hope this experience has invigorated his confidence in many areas of his life.

As they get older most people lose sight of their potential.  The key to
happiness and success is to consciously seek to achieve everything you can achieve. Motivation is not the problem, unlocking the door is the problem

  • Howard Amor

    Well he certainly realised his potential.

    Boring people never doing anything extraordinary……. until they realise they CAN and it’s just a matter of application!


    October 23, 2015 at 10:47 am
  • Alan Enderson was put in that position accidently. What’s interesting to know is that he wouldn’t have known that he could land a plane had he not been in that position (he probably could not do it again on his own, but now that he’s done it once, it would probably require less assistance).But isn’t the key learning here that one should not hesitate to get out of one’s comfort zone? Can anything special be achieved if you sty within your comfort zone? I don’t think so.

    October 28, 2015 at 3:41 am

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