Gorillas in our Midst

It is probably worth me starting by telling you that this isn’t a blog about guerilla marketing. I have recently started taking the morning meeting with my team and I have become somewhat paranoid. I am scared that I am turning into a Big Hairy Gorilla!!

As in all gatherings, the young apes gather with their offerings. Slowly the ape-folk congregate at the table. The sun slowly moves to a different point in the clear blue sky and then, the allotted time arrives. Inter – tribe flea picking and grooming commences and all is well in the camp until all of a sudden harmony is shattered: The Big Hairy Gorilla has arrived.  The chest thumping, stomping and growling makes it clear that he wants to prove his status as the head of the tribe. The tribe split into two distinct groups: the leaf pickers who are dominated by The Big Hairy Gorilla and the fruit pickers who aren’t. Standing their ground, the fruit pickers display the fruit in a clearly ordered way in nice piles with lots of fancy peel designs and The Big Hairy Gorilla reaches his comfort zone.

The fruit pickers then quickly realise that a slight submission coupled with some faux appreciation for the chest thumping and stomping is in order if the gathering is going to progress before the sun goes down. After his perception of dominance is restored The Big Hairy Gorilla smiles broadly, takes his place on his huge throne and lets the apes get back to work.  With everything agreed, The Big Hairy Gorilla is woken from his slumber by the apes performing the traditional good bye grooming ritual and as the day turns to night there is nothing left for The Hairy Gorilla to do but to swing back to his big house and regale his wife with tales of how important he is.

Please help me, I don’t want to be a Big Hairy Gorilla!!

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