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With more than a few years experience in helping Hotel brands optimise their web presence, it still never fails to amaze me just how many hotels and booking agents seem to get it wrong when it comes to website usability. Such a high proportion of the industry’s business is transacted online that you would think that ensuring your website is quick and easy to use would be no-brainer. The reality is, though, that nearly half the websites you visit are a long way of the mark.

My team at Halpern Cowan have started the process of collating our expertise on what exactly makes a the best possible online booking user journey and hotel website. We’re now engaged in a research process asking consumers what puts them off making a booking on a website to add to the knowledge base. We’ve analysed the top hotel and booking sites to see how well they fair from an audience point of view.

The results that we’re seeing paint a fairly consistent picture – for a whole variety of reasons, some of the UK’s major hotel chains are losing business by failing to provide their customers with an optimised online experiences.

There is so much for brands to consider when it comes to developing a website that will have a direct impact on conversions, to name just a few:

  • the right message on the landing page

  • positioning & accessibility of the search & advanced search functions

  • Search Engines results display

  • Pricing display

  • Booking options

  • Login sections

  • Purchase information display

  • Functionality enabling customers to easily compare different options and change their demands.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The above criteria may seem pretty straightforward on paper but it is amazing how many brands overlook or don’t prioritise the little things which all add up to have a significant impact on their sales.

I will post full details of our Online Hotel Usability Report soon – watch this space…

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