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If you’re reading this you’re on the first step to successfully raising the capital you’re chasing for your business.   Louis can help you raise the money. He has a broad network of potential funders and he knows what they want to hear.  He’ll teach you how to successfully raise the funds you’re chasing.  He knows what investors want to hear and read.. Here’s a taster…

Investors are looking for that perfect combination of a plan that demonstrates great strategic thinking.  You must capitalise on an unmet market need or improve what is already being purchased with a well-rounded team.  To get your message over your management team all need to have Louis’ 4 pillars:

First Sales Skills: Can you and your team sell? Everything, and I mean every single thing about a start-up is selling. You are selling partially paid employees on a dream, investors a plan to riches based on future value and potential customers on you’re ability to pull it off.  Without the ability to sell, start ups are dead in the water  before they start.  Louis will identify the right part of the story to get the conversation going with your prospects and then close the deal.

Second the teams’ juice fire and the burning desire: Enthusiasm of quality people is the key, investors buy your teams energy and experience.  Show off your team who are so taken by the opportunity that they would continue on their path with or without the investor.   Some people call this chemistry – it’s 20% belief and 80% something you can learn.   The whole team need to display enthusiasm, united to succeed.

Third Financial Competence: Cash flow is life and death. Financial competence empowers the entrepreneur. Sophisticated investors are sophisticated because they are financially adept. Why would they give hand cash to those who don’t understand their numbers?   You will have a firm grip on the historic and projected numbers when Louis is finished with you.  Louis will empower you to communicate that your number are real.

Fourth: Logic: Does the business plan that makes sense?  Are the management being strategic? Are they reasonable about revenue uplift, valuation, development timelines and customer acquisition programs?  The investor wants to see the plan of how the team will execute the market opportunity with the capital being raised – Louis will show you how bring the investor in as an ally in your plans – they’ll own it too.

I firmly believe that most businesses looking to raise money have a good idea BUT they loose out because investors don’t see the four pillars, and so they get knocked back.

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  • Howard Amor

    All essential factors. All needy of consideration and application.

    So often the critical factor of all, having got the business owner(s)/director(s) to admit they needs help, is how to get around the ego that so frequently prevents them from fully admitting all the issues and especially those for which they may be personally responsible and thereby prevents the consultant from giving best value.

    Corporates tend to be easier, as whilst they’re usually constrained by existing “procedures”, they’re mostly populated by professionals who are focussed on getting the best result.

    On the other hand, working with the SME owner/operator, who’s there possibly by inheritance or good fortune rather than ability, is a management consultancy skill in itself.

    Explaining the logic is one thing. Getting it accepted, without damaging fragile egos is quite another.

    Getting across the potential evolution of a business which IS evolving is tricky, when the consultant is dealing with principals who are not evolving.

    THE TRICK is to get the personalities to evolve, then the full potential of the management consultant’s input can be maximised.

    March 27, 2014 at 10:14 am

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