Lipstick Melodies of Pete Doherty

I was invited to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire last night by a good friend to see The Lipstick Melodies.

They happened to be supporting Pete Doherty.  Pete eventually turned up just after 10pm, more than fashionably late.    It was lucky that he actually made it. He had the most awful compere  between the acts.  The compere can best be described as a fat bloke from Glasgow who told us he could take anything the audience threw at him, which was lucky as he was reduced to being  Donkey Kong dodging beer missiles. The crowd was ready to riot when Mr Doherty showed up but after a shaky start he managed to get a singalong started with the audience.

The Lipstick Melodies were are a different cup of tea altogether.  It’s very difficult being a support act.   They’re an early Rolling Stones, rock / country inspired outfit fronted by Alan Wass.  They won over the audience, even the intensely perfumed blond infatuated Dohertyettes rocked out to them.

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