Client Quotes

To get a better feel for the impact Louis makes here are some recent references and case studies.

Project Director

James Burbridge – Consort to Immediate Lord Mayor of Westminster, 

“Would not hesitate to recommend Louis’s out-of-the-box methodology. His vision and clarity to achieve results are second to none. Highly recommended.”

Non-Executive Chairman

Gary O Brien Director at Chiltern Management Group, CEPACS Ltd & SB&T. Advisor to the Board at Bailey Montagu Executive Search

“Louis approaches issues from a very different angle and this creative approach was extremely valuable. His natural enthusiasm was an inspiration. I would recommend Louis without any hesitation.”

Head of Press

Arieta Mujay, Cosmopolitan Magazine & Formerly Head of Press at River Island

“Keep doing what you do best Louis, inspiring people.”

Senior Finance Director

Gary Seager – Director at Syon Management Advisory Services Ltd

“Louis and I worked together to support a 2nd round of fundraising at Go City Girl. Louis provided an independent and very objective review of the business plan – challenging the management team’s strategy and fine-tuning these plans. In addition he also provided the founders and other key senior personnel with training in presentation skills to ensure that the team presented in the most professional manner. In short Louis knows the TMT sector extremely well and is able to add significant value to management teams operating in this sector.”

Fortune 500 VP

“At the end of 2015, I found myself having to deal with a person of very strong character who I found undermining and disempowering. This relationship impacted my morale, my motivation and my performance. My role at the time was one of innovation, in which I was to bring fresh ideas to further catalyse the existing success of the company. The Alpha person in question had final sign off on ideas and, not only were my ideas never implemented, but they were often never heard.

Louis’s lateral approach built on my strengths and helped me regain confidence. He taught me to use the non-verbal signals and Alpha traits in the room to focus the attention on my ideas. Selling is not second nature to me, but his techniques helped me tremendously, and I am now able to gain control of a room.”

Detailed Case Studies

  1. The Digital Marketing Director and the Glass Ceiling – He was at his wits end and wanted to resign – read more .
  2. The Retired Estate Agent – She needed to top up her retirement pot – read more.

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