My client’s leave the training room having enhanced their skills and benefit immediately.

Group Sessions

Teams are taught to master the skill of collective listening and understanding by quickly moulding the group into a team.  From there anything is possible.

The team start by collectively imparting information about their environment, methodologies and the learning requirement.

Participants always leave energised, enthusiastic and hungry to implement their new skills.


One on one work is either coaching, mentoring or a blend depending on the individual.
Coaching explores and teaches specific subjects for a set number of sessions.  Examples include  Controlling the Conversation, Asking for Money and Pitching for Investment.

Mentoring is designed to accelerate an individual’s career goals.

Mentoring starts by delving deeply into your career to identify goals and failings.  We explore the areas where you can improve and first prioritise a quick win.  A win early in your mentoring will make you more receptive to learning.   You may want to accelerate your promotion; manage the transition to becoming a successful partner at a Magic Circle law firm;  transitioning your business for sale or a million and one other career trajectories.   Just remember, most successful people have a mentor.

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