Why am I doing this?

For lots of reasons I needed a change in my life.  I asked the ten people closest to me what I’m good at. I fell off my seat when they all said the same thing. ‘You’re amazing at helping people to reach their potential’. So here I am.

I start by asking lots of questions.  I want to unearth what you are passionate about. Passion is king. If you have the passion the rest is just fine tuning.

Why? Because listening is an underrated skill that opens the door to many opportunities.

People hear, but rarely take the time to discover what is really going on. The better you understand what is happening around you, the more you will be in control of your journey.

Like most skills listening can be taught. It’s a technique. When you understand the technique the results will be striking. The more you work on this skill the faster you will achieve what you want.

I always start by listening to you.  You tell me the direction you want to go or the area you want to work on.

I ask lots of questions.  I want to make sure I’ve heard you, so I can tailor your sessions to make an immediate impact AND start the process of realising your potential.  Every time we meet it’s my job to help move you further along that path.

If you feel you need one of the thin slices, such as Controlling the Conversation, that’s great and a good place to start. If you want help with the whole jigsaw then that’s great too.

A word of warning.

I’m not a life coach. I won’t help you achieve a better work life balance. You’re going to want to work harder after spending some time with me. You’ll be more effective and enjoy your work. Now that’s where it starts getting interesting and the happiness equation will kick in. Now you’re on the way to realising your potential.

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