Have you ever pitched for new business convinced you have the best offering since sliced bread and lost?

Company’s often feel they are doing well if they win one in three pitches.

Pitching for new business is extremely expensive. Only the largest companies in your sector can afford to pitch continuously.   They stay large. You cannot compete.

The conventional reason to hold a pitch is to make sure you get the best possible thinking or product.  The potential client does not care if you have spent thousands of hours preparing the pitch and you lose.  If you fail the cost is a significant amount of unrecoverable money.  That will hurt your bottom line.

The Key to Sucess

The key to winning is a deep understanding of the potential client’s brief, the audiences personal and corporate motivators. There are also the environmental considerations; such as the status of the incumbent.

The difference between a good pitch and winning is only how the client feels about your team when you leave.  This comes from preparing correctly.

Successful  preparatory work and creating the “liked” perception are skills I can teach you.

Email or call to arrange some sessions to learn the techniques I use to get my 90% win rate.

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