The transition to partnership seems like just another career elevation with an upward trajectory.

The reality is different.  It is not –  the elevation is unique.

New partners in lawyers’, accountants’ and architects’ practices need to both invest in the firm and take on more responsibility. New partners remuneration and status are judged on two metrics:

  1. Billable hours by the partner and
  2. His or her team’s Client acquisition.

These metrics are mutually dependent.

The more clients you source, the higher the billable hours.

So how do you find those elusive new clients?

You need laser-sharp sales skills.

You have been extensively trained but not with sales skills.

Turning up at networking events will not win you business.  You will inevitably make the mistake of telling those who you meet that you and your firm are wonderful at law or accountancy.  The problem is that there are lots of competitors who will say the same thing.

Instead it is more like dating.   How do you make the right first impression? How do you tell if the prospect is available? How do you reel the prospect in?

I have developed a specialist client acquisition program for professional people. There is an added bonus.  These new skills will also help you assert yourself in the partner’s meeting.

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