Some Internet Trends

I’ve been asked by a much loved client to write some notes on Internet Trends that I think are important at the moment..   So here are my thoughts

Ubiquitous Internet
The web will be accessible anywhere all the time. WiFi, WiMax, 3G & 4G will all take their part to allow us to use the internet everywhere all the time.

Smartphone usage will continue to increase.
Mobile payments will become one of the preferred methods for payment. The iTunes Store has lead the way and there are interesting services like Square ( surfacing to change how you and I can utilize our phones to pay for stuff while on the move.

Media consumption
Consumers are empowered. Combine this with further advances in technology, will mean the media will become more:

  • distributed as the same content will pop up in multiple locations, formats and channels
  • personalised as media will be tailored to reflect what consumers have watched, read, experienced and shared.
  • contextualised as when, where and how consumers get their information will dictate its format, which will shape how they interact with and share the information.

Big Screens
The emergence of Google TV demonstrates two things:

  • humans understand the best way to find things (read TV show for now) is to use the familiar simple search interface rather than sift though hundred of choices
  • computer screens are going to grow rather than shrink

Brand engagement
Brands will need to figure out how to engage the community so they have two way conversations rather than marketing by interruption.

Social Media will become the largest component of web usage
Neilson reports that social media use grew by 82% in the last year becuase the web has become an efficient platform for communication. As the significance of social networks continues to grow, businesses must invest more in community building as a marketing driver. According to the recent Tribalization of Business” study released by Deloitte, 94% of businesses will increase their investment in online communities and social media.

Keyboards will move towards extinction
Text-based interactions are going to become a minor component of our web experience. Touchscreen interfaces and motion sensors are driving alternatives to the keyboard and mouse which means, our reliance on: videos, social games like FarmVille, and interactive delivery interfaces like the iPhone OS will grow rapidly.

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