Hash Tags and their use

A hash tag, #, is a form of punctuation; like a comma, semi colon and full stop. The rules of grammar are governed by common use in the English language. Dictionary companies publish their lists of new words accepted into their dictionary’s that are new words in the English language in every year.  Grammar changes too. Social media and the Internet mean facilitate regular contact with more...

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New Features on Twitter

The new features on Twitter.com are great news for online marketers and will ultimately provide Twitter with a far more efficient way of making money than its previous “promoted tweets” ads. All of the new features are designed to increase users’ engagement with the content other users post – whether it be video from YouTube or ...

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Some Internet Trends

I've been asked by a much loved client to write some notes on Internet Trends that I think are important at the moment..   So here are my thoughts Ubiquitous Internet The web will be accessible anywhere all the time. WiFi, WiMax, 3G & 4G will all take their part to allow us to use the internet everywhere all the time. Mobile Smartphone usage will continue...

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Fourth Revolution of Mankind

I've just been introduced to a theory that I agree with about the impact of the information revolution on mankind.  Transforming the nature of what we are. The revolutions were: "A round Earth" - The realisation that the earth is not flat "Evolution" - Acceptance of Darwin's theory that we evolved and were not simply put here by G-d in our current form "Unconscious mind" - Psychology & Freud...

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talking about the Semantic Internet

London 9:38 29th Jan 2009 Transcript - talking about the Semantic Internet. Louis: It was originally a concept thought of by Tim Berners-Lee. Do you know who Tim Berners-Lee is? Tommy: No. Louis: Tim Berners-Lee was the founding father of the internet. He is also the head of W3C. He kind of is credited with inventing it [the internet]. Tommy: Okay. Louis: In 1999 he...

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