Hotel & Restaurant Review Websites Advice

Websites like TripAdviser can make or break a customer’s decision to book with a certain hotel or eat at a certain restaurant. Hoteliers and restaurateurs often ask me what they can do about negative reviews. I was asked earlier in the week to comment on a Daily Mail article that reported on a Company organising a group defamation...

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Cybersquatters back Caoimhe Guilfoyle to win Big Brother

In spite of waning audience figures, and cancellation for Channel 4, the last Endemol production of Big Brother is gaining unwelcome attention from cybersquatters and online speculators. In a statement on June 11th, Andrew Robertson, the series’ digital executive producer at Endemol, said the company wanted “to make the online elements integral to the show, so what happens in the house is directly affected by people...

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Reputation empowerment with Employee involvement

We are ‘living’ more and more in the online world. Businesses are now aware that for them to truly interact with their target audiences they must build and maintain an online presence through social media, rather than just via online advertising. This applies to large, blue chip multinationals and ‘local’ SMEs alike, and has been addressed by many companies with varying degrees of success. With a...

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