Cybersquatters back Caoimhe Guilfoyle to win Big Brother

In spite of waning audience figures, and cancellation for Channel 4, the last Endemol production of Big Brother is gaining unwelcome attention from cybersquatters and online speculators. In a statement on June 11th, Andrew Robertson, the series’ digital executive producer at Endemol, said the company wanted “to make the online elements integral to the show, so what happens in the house is directly affected by people...

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A framework for kids, parents and educators

In an age where young people are connecting with their friends online every day, access to the internet and online communications services is no longer a privilege for the few that can afford it; it is now part of every young person’s daily life. As CEO of a digital agency, and a parent myself, I’ve always been vocal about the need...

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Thoughts on the UK DMA’s 2009 Client Email survey.

Each email an organisation sends to its' customers forms part of that brand's reputation; not just those thought of as email marketing. What does the customer think about the email confirming a purchase? How about the emails answering questions post purchase? Do organisations even think of these as part of their brand building? Organisations know their email marketing is operationally important,...

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Fourth Revolution of Mankind

I've just been introduced to a theory that I agree with about the impact of the information revolution on mankind.  Transforming the nature of what we are. The revolutions were: "A round Earth" - The realisation that the earth is not flat "Evolution" - Acceptance of Darwin's theory that we evolved and were not simply put here by G-d in our current form "Unconscious mind" - Psychology & Freud...

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