New Features on Twitter

The new features on are great news for online marketers and will ultimately provide Twitter with a far more efficient way of making money than its previous “promoted tweets” ads. All of the new features are designed to increase users’ engagement with the content other users post – whether it be video from YouTube or ...

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Man Utd ban players from Twitter

Manchester United banned its players from Twitter. The accounts of Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, and Darren Fletcher have already been removed as the club attempts to control the flow of news from the locker room and prevent players speaking out of turn. In September 2009, striker Wayne Rooney ranked as one of the football’s most prolific twitter-users, with 22,200 followers...

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I was going to tweet but they postponed planned maintenance to aid the Iranian protestors [] I’m not sure if I know enough about Mousavi’s positions about lots of issues that are important to me. I am sure that I do not like oppression. I am sure that I like the way that the Internet and what we call social media is a democratizing force that allows humans...

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