Volcanic Hotel PPC

How do you keep a cool head in the face of an erupting volcano threatening to blow away a client’s bookings?

Around the time of the first Icelandic volcano’s eruption, I was stranded at the
St Lucia hotel of one of our clients. They were concerned that through no fault of their own, they could potentially take a massive revenue hit from decreased European bookings, as these customers were physically barred from traveling to their resort. After listening to their concerns, I recommended that the hotel aggressively target their US and Canadian customer base. We quickly developed a promotion where the hotels offered an aggressive discount for the entire duration of the stay for US and Canadian customers who booked before 30th April, 2010.  This way, the resorts could increase the hotels’ occupancy levels while also capturing North American holiday makers.

How do you promote a massive deal like this in under two weeks? Aggressively. First,
our client’s webmasters created new custom landing pages for both hotels which were only visible to people who clicked on the PPC ads, which were set to be shown only to searchers from the US and Canada. In turn, HC turned the focus of our existing PPC campaign towards creating ads for the promotion. The next step was maximising PPC bidding, to ensure that the ads were constantly visible to the remaining target market – the US and Canadian searchers who were the only customers able to take advantage of the offer. The new promotion specific landing pages pages helped to easily track the level of interest and bookings generated by the campaign.

The result? 5 days into the campaign, the hotels saw a sharp increase in bookings with an ROI of far more than $25 for every dollar spent.  A job well done by the HC team. A great example of working as a team with your client.

  • And well done HC team for placing worldcuptickets.biz on Google’s first page in 4 languages on key terms. Now do something about the location of the world cup. South Africa’s just too far. You’re that good, right?

    May 10, 2010 at 11:45 am
  • Thats what you call ‘thinking on your feet’ – if only they teach more of this in schools/universities. Its great to see when a creative, intuitive plan works out.
    Now all thats left is to carry out an aggresive PPC campaign to target Sepp Blatter, and therefore meet Boris’s requirement??

    May 30, 2010 at 12:28 am

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