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Mobile firms miss a trick – UK mobile phone operators take anywhere between 40-60% of revenue on mobile marketing campaigns – a significant barrier to any progressive marketers wanting to embrace the format. more…

Evaluating integrated communications – Marketers’ mindsets will need to change before integrated campaign evaluation takes an equal seat alongside planning, strategy, creative, etc. Data quality available to marketers today is such that those brands and agencies who embrace this information will gain a notable competitive advantage. Likewise, those that don’t pay attention to the data now available will suffer accordingly. more…

Media owners of the future – The fragmentation of traditional media was already an unstoppable process a decade ago. Now there’s no doubt that the digital revolution has added its own mix of rocket fuel which is becoming more potent with every technological advance. It will demand a radical re-assessment of the world we live in and the way that as humans we interact with each other. more…

Digital consumer data is the new battleground – With one billion people worldwide currently having access to computers and with more than 800 million new mobile handsets being issued this year alone, only those media owners holding the most valuable and precise individual data will survive. more…

Camden Town HC happenings:

There’s certainly been a lot of activity at Halpern Cowan over the past few weeks to share with you. Our client services team continues to grow in line with the flux of new business wins. We’ve three new additions – Alex Pierre-Traves – Account Director; Grace Wilson – Account Executive; and Janita Patel has been promoted from working with me (poor girl!) to Account Executive.

We continue to be known for our awesome viral marketing but this is only a fraction of the picture of the diverse digital output from Halpern Cowan. My favourite examples from the last few months include:

  • Tamares – a corporate website with a twist. Hand drawn attention to detail in New York and the trading floor of the London Stock Exchange. www.tamares.com
  • Ebookers calendar – Its exciting to put a brand in a place where traditionally only Microsoft has reached. We’ve opened a unique channel with ebookers that is already spreading through word of mouth alone, giving users something relevant and useful to their lives! www.ebookerscalendar.com

The HC E-Shop – Every time we’ve tried to buy off the shelf shop software we’ve been frustrated. Frustrated that it wasn’t as functional as our favourite internet shop – Amazon. To solve the problem we decided to build our own. Testing is now complete and it’s being rolled out to our clients and their customers. Watch this space for more noise about this. And well done to the development boys.

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