Developing your listening skills will help unlock the door for your deals, sales and selling yourself.

Listening is too often an over-looked skill vital to develop and realise  potential.

You will sell more if you know what your customer wants to buy.

You will get a promotion if you know what your boss expects from you.

We hear the words but to succeed we need to:

  • efficiently gather the right information
  • understand other people’s needs
  • identify what has been left unsaid
  • use the right questions to complete the picture
  • conduct a risk assessment
  • quickly understand the heart of what is being said.

These sessions will teach you these skills.

These skills will improve your productivity and profits.

You will be spending less time chasing shadows and more time closing deals.

It does not matter if you are selling a product, service, or yourself, these sessions are for you.

There are 5 sessions designed to empower you with these skills.

Call or email to make a booking.

To read some interesting facts about listening and what’s the difference between hearing and listening  click here.


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